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Random Acts of Poetry

Random Poetry Society
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Please imagine really cool special effects - wavy lines, deep creepy announcer voice, ad nauseum. Ready to hear about the best fucking community ever created on LJ or anywhere else?

(Here is where you say, "Why, yes..yes I am in fact curious!")

The Random Poetry Society is quite what it sounds like: a society wherein the members share random poetry. The catch? We don't share it with each other (well, we can), but random people in random ways. So, here's an outline of what I have in mind for this soon-to-be-prestigious-much-worshipped group (if you have better ideas, e-mail me!):

1. Find a kickass poem you like (or write one yourself). (Hell, maybe not necessarily even a poem - a single word/phrase, a quote, a first line/last line/random line from a book, whatever makes you happy.)
2. Share this poem [or whatever] with the world in any way you deem appropriate! Write it on a bathroom wall, walk up and down the streets of your town screaming it, write it on a sign and stand on a streetcorner holding it up, write it on slips of paper and slip them into random newspapers - again, however you think it would best be shared. Be creative!
3. Come back here, and tell us about what you shared, why you shared it, how you shared it.

Trust me, this will be neat. And it gives you a creative reason to do grafitti of sorts. :) (I don't know if there are liability issues involved with this, if so - I take no responsibility for any damage done, or rights infringed upon due to anyone's actions. You are an autonomous being, this is just a forum for expression and random shit. Don't be a moron.)

Now, the rules.

1. Anyone (seriously, anyone) can post in this. So don't abuse the privilege - don't be a dick, don't make fun of other people's thoughts/poems, and all that commom decency stuff that generally applies and shouldn't have to be said.
2. Try to include your personality in your post, but don't make it like eight pages long. We care about the random poetry-ness of the situation, not about how you fucked for twelve hours afterward (that would, however, be an impressive feat, and I would applaud you).
3. Um, I dunno. Use common sense, have fun, be interesting (or you will be impaled, I tell you!), and....yeah.